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What Is To Become Of Downtown Bloomsburg's
Business District?
Well the weather finally got half
straightened out so people could get
out and shop the Saturday before
Christmas. It would have been nice to
see the sun. I walked downtown today
and I had a chance to talk to a few
shop owners and also visited a few of
the Saturday small businesses that
have been setup for Saturdays in

It was nice to see my friends at
Endless Records, still determined to
make it in this area. I hope they can
stay, really nice people, who want to
stay in town, maybe the town should
help them out.

It seems that some of the downtown
business owners are not expecting to
stick around for much longer, not their
choice, but they say foot traffic is dead.

One owner told me that there is no
reason to shop downtown anymore.
Whomever is the next Downtown
Manager they really have a lot to do to
regain the confidence of local business

One of the major complaints is that
everyone is catering to the University
and not putting an effort into regular
businesses. And one other complaint
is the rents to open a shop in
downtown. Some building owners are
asking way to much for rents and store
owners are saying landlords are not
keeping up their properties and are
passing the buck to store renters to
make repairs they are responsible for.

There may be something to this, As I
look around town I couldn't believe that
some of these businesses still look the
same when I first moved to Bloomsburg
back in 1986. If some major changes
are not made to local buildings and
rents adjusted to allow new businesses
to start up, then downtown will just be a
downtown with places to drink and eat
pizza and those alone does not make
for a vibrant downtown.

Another complaint is that the town
does not make it easy to open a
business, so many regulations are
turning away many businesses that
might want to come to Bloomsburg.

Instead of worrying about an anti-
discrimination ordnance, maybe it's
time to worry about whats going to
happen to downtown. If we end up
becoming a beer and pizza only town,
there will not be many people
bothering to come downtown.

I talked to another business owner
today who is having problems with just
putting up a simple sign for his
business, and this business is not
even downtown.
The Corner Store
The Corner Store
Incredible Popcorn
Incredible Popcorn
Pony Party Paradise in
Benton Park
Pony Party Paradise in
Benton Park
Pony Party Paradise in
Benton Park
Pony Party Paradise in
Benton Park
Endless Records
BU Building Downtown Bloomsburg
Hess Trucks fading Into

One of the biggest events that
coincides with Christmas, the selling of
a Hess Truck. People line up early to
get their hands on one of these trucks.
I know these are just toys, but they are
collected by thousands of people.
These toys really are not collected to
play with, but to admire and pass down
to children so they can admire and
pass down to their children. In
May,Hess sold all of it's retail outlets to
Marathon Petroleum.

Hess Announces Sale of Retail
Business to Marathon Petroleum
Corporation for $2.6 Billion

Proceeds to Be Used for Additional
Share Repurchases

22, 2014-- Hess Corporation
(NYSE:HES) announced today that it
has agreed to sell its retail business to
Marathon Petroleum Corporation for a
total cash consideration of $2.6 billion.
Hess Retail is the largest chain of
company operated gas stations and
convenience stores along the East
Coast with 1,342 locations.

Even with the sale of all of the Hess's
locations the trucks will continued to be
sold online every year.

If you still need to get one, you can still
go on ebay, hundreds are listed, from
$15 to well over $100.

Weekly News Update

The latest news from the State

Wrap Up of the Year and
Legislative Session

Good Employment Numbers for

Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate
declined by three-tenths of a
percentage point in November to 5.1
percent, the Commonwealth’s lowest
rate in more than six years. The rate
was seven-tenths of a percentage
point below the U.S. rate of 5.8 percent.

Pennsylvania’s civilian labor force –
the number of people working or
looking for work – expanded by 5,000
in November. Resident employment
was up 27,000 while unemployment
was down 22,000.

Total nonfarm jobs were up to
5,798,300, the highest level since
September 2008. Private sector jobs
were essentially unchanged. Among
industries, the largest movement in
November was an increase of 2,600 in
construction. Financial activities had
the largest decline.

Over the the first 11 months of 2014,
total nonfarm jobs in Pennsylvania
were up 33,200 (+0.6%). The growth
was almost entirely within private
industries, with the largest gains in
trade, transportation & utilities,
construction, and other services. Only
two supersectors declined from last
November – information and

Planning for Paying for College?

As the year draws to a close, I
encourage you to consider a tax-
saving strategy that has a tremendous
additional benefit: it helps your loved
ones pay for college. To meet the
needs of nearly anyone who wishes to
save for college, the Pennsylvania 529
College Savings Program offers two
distinct plans:
- the PA 529 Guaranteed Savings
Plan, in which growth is tied to the rate
of college tuition inflation,
- and the PA 529 Investment Plan, in
which returns are tied to actual
investment performance.

Both plans provide important tax
benefits – not only for parents, but for
grandparents, other relatives, and
friends who contribute to your child’s
account. Just in time for the holidays,
the program is offering free enrollment
for the PA 529 Guaranteed Savings
Plan until December 31. Use
enrollment code TAX2014. There is no
enrollment fee for the PA 529
Investment Plan.

Warmest Wishes to You and Yours

My wife, Rita, and I wish you and your
loved ones a very Merry Christmas!
                          Dave Millard  
December 25, 2014 11:00 am - 3:00

We invite you to join us at a bountiful
buffet to be served in the beautiful
One Pine Barn Place Banquet Hall.  
Reservations Required!! Menu:
Tossed Garden Salad - Caesar Salad
- Faith Salad; Cranberry Orange
Relish; Broccoli Pasta Salad; Freshly
Baked Rolls & Butter; Chef-Carved
Christmas Ham; Pot Roast Jardinere;
Turkey & Dressing; Fried Shrimp;
Manicotti; Lemon Butter Cod; Redski8n
Mashed Potatoes; Candied Hams;
Bean & Carrot Medley.  Selection of
Assorted Desserts; Coffee - Tea- Iced
Tea - Soda. 6% Tax & 18% Gratuity
will be added to all checks with
payment upon arrival.
Cost: Adults: $24.50; Children 5-11:
$10.95; 4 & under - no charge
Host name: Pine Barn Inn
Venue: Pine Barn Inn
1 Pine Barn Place, Danville, PA, 17821
570-275-2071 -
TARP Funds Returned, Spending
Reigned In. Tarp program closed
with a $15 Billion Profit

When the President gave this speech
in 2009, the repayments just started to
come in.
Today the President spoke in the East
Room of the White House, bearing
good news for the taxpayer. The
President’s intention was to discuss all
of the progress already underway on
the fiscal responsibility front, from
ending the kind of wasteful no-bid
contracting we have all come to know,
to cutting unnecessary programs, to
eliminating subsidies lavished on
health insurance companies through

At the top of the list was codifying the
PAYGO principle, stating that
government cannot spend an
additional dollar without saving it
somewhere else, into law. As the
President often notes -- and noted
again today -- it is a principle that
families are forced to live by and one
that helped balance the government’s
books for years before it was

But as it happened, there was even
more good news before he discussed
those issues:
THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  Thank
you all for joining us here in the White
House.  Before I begin, I want to
comment briefly on the announcement
by the Treasury Department with
regard to the financial stability plan.
As you know, through this plan and its
predecessor, taxpayer dollars were
used to stabilize the financial system at
a time of extraordinary stress.  And
these funds were also meant to be an
investment -- and they were meant to
be temporary.  And that's why this
morning's announcement is important.
Several financial institutions are set to
pay back $68 billion to taxpayers.  And
while we know that we will not escape
the worst financial crisis in decades
without some losses to taxpayers, it's
worth noting that in the first round of
repayments from these companies the
government has actually turned a
This is not a sign that our troubles are
over -- far from it.  The financial crisis
this administration inherited is still
creating painful challenges for
businesses and families alike.  And I
think everybody sees it in their own
individual districts. But it is a positive
sign.  We're seeing an initial return on
a few of these investments.  We're
restoring funds to the Treasury where
they'll be available to safeguard
against continuing risks to financial
stability.  And as this money is
returned, we'll see our national debt
lessened by $68 billion -- billions of
dollars that this generation will not
have to borrow and future generations
will not have to repay.
I've said repeatedly that I have no
interest in managing the banking
system -- or, for that matter, running
auto companies or other private
institutions.  So today's announcement
is welcome news to me.  But I also want
to say the return of these funds does
not provide forgiveness for past
excesses or permission for future
misdeeds.  It's critical that as our
country emerges from this period of
crisis, that we learn its lessons; that
those who seek reward do not take
reckless risk; that short-term gains are
not pursued without regard for long-
term consequences.  

Not bad  
Obama makes 2015 federal pay
raise official

By  Julia Ziegler

Federal employees under the General
Schedule will receive a 1 percent pay
increase in 2015. President Barack
Obama signed an executive order
Friday making the raise official.

This is the second year in a row feds
have received a 1 percent pay
increase, after three years of pay
freezes from 2011-2013.

Most members of the military (both
commissioned and enlisted) will also
receive a 1 percent pay raise.

One percent raises will also go into
effect for employees under the Foreign
Service Schedule and the schedules
for the Veterans Health Administration.
The minimum salary for members of
the Senior Executive Service will rise to
$121,956, up 1 percent as well.

View the updated pay schedules and a
synopsis of the pay increases from

Members of Congress will not get a
raise this year. Nor will the Vice
President and certain senior political
appointees covered by the Executive
Schedule, after those salaries were
frozen as part of the 2015 spending

According to OPM, special base rates
for law enforcement officers (GS 3-10)
will also increase 1 percent, as will the
minimum rate of basic pay for
senior-level (SL), and scientific and
professional (ST) employees.

The President's executive order,
however, keeps locality pay
percentages at 2014 levels.

Pay increases for members of the
military go into effect on Jan. 1, 2015,
while all other pay rates take effect "on
the first day of the first applicable pay
period beginning on or after Jan. 1,
2015," according to the executive

Despite the pay raise, some federal
employees have voiced frustration to
Federal News Radio. They say the 1
percent raise does not do enough to
keep up with inflation, including the
average increase in health care costs
feds expect to see this year.