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July 31, 2014
State Senator
John Gordner
Stories You May Have
Road Conditions
Weekend Events 6/1- 6/3


A Mommy & Baby bonding, stretching
and relaxing class

Loving connections through touch,
sight, breath & movement
Enrich the natural existing bond
between parent and child.
Interactive story time with use of
stretching yoga poses.

For Mom:
Gentle yoga poses incorporating baby
and preschool child.
Techniques to calm and soothe self
and child
Gentle touch/massage methods
Suggestions in setting up your quiet,
calming area and time.

For Baby:
Loving, caring time with Mom

*Just a reminder we are on “the
babies” time, classes may not always
flow as scheduled. The wee ones will
guide our class!

Please RSVP as capacity is limited.

Instructor: Mara Morell of Mrida Seva
Yoga in Berwick.


August 01,  10:30 am- 11:00 am


McBride Memorial Library


McBride Memorial Library




500 N. Market Street, Berwick, PA,
18603`, United States




An afternoon just for the library teens
in grades 6-12! X-box, RPGs, popcorn
and drinks — what better way to
spend a Friday afternoon?

August 01,  3:30 pm -  5:45 pm


McBride Memorial Library


McBride Memorial Library




500 N. Market Street, Berwick, PA,
18603, United States




NTP will present torchlight
performances of the Noh play
Hagoromo featuring projected English
subtitles, unusual instruments, and
magnificent costumes. Families are
encouraged to bring chairs and
blankets and enjoy a glimpse of one of
the oldest theatrical forms in the world
seldom seen outside of Japan.

Open to the public.

The Noh Training Project is a summer
three-week intensive, performance-
based training program in the dance,
chant, music, and performance history
of Japanese classical noh drama. The
Noh Training Project (NTP) offers the
most intensive and extensive noh
training available in the United States
and attracts students from all over the
world. NTP is celebrating its 20th


August 01, 2014 8:00 am


August 02, 2014 5:00 pm


Bloomsburg Town Park Bandshell


Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble


Fort McClure Blvd, Bloomsburg, PA,
17815, United States




St. Joseph Church of Berwick is holding
an Italian Festival on the Church
Grounds.  Ethnic foods, homemade
pasta, games of chance, theme basket
raffle, children’s games, crafts, money
raffle and entertainment will be

Menu:  Pizza, Porkette, Fireballs,
Meatballs, Sausage (sweet/hot), hot
dogs, chicken fingers, chicken
parmigiana, French Fries, Potato
Pancakes, Halushki, Italian Wedding
Soup, Fried Dough, Deep Fried Ravioli,
Deep Fried Pierogi as well as baked
goods and ice cream.

Music Friday night by the Shoreliners.  
Italian and polka music on Saturday by
Joe Lastovica and the Polka Punch and
live entertainment on Sunday.

Adult beverage in Pavilion.

Pasta Dinner Sunday.  Handicapped
accessible.  No pets allowed.

Hours:  Friday & Saturday – 4 to 9 pm;
Sunday – Noon to 5 pm.


August 01, 2014


August 03, 2014


St. Joseph Church


Church of St. Joseph




721 Monroe Street, Berwick, PA,
18603, United States


FREE Admission


August 2 – 9ish to 11ish pm –
Mountain Ride – Husband and wife
singer songwriters from PA –
bluegrass folk tunes.  Played here last
year around the same time.

August 14 – 8ish to 10ish – Swamp ?
Candy – aggressive stompin
Mississippi Blues Duo – very excited for
these guys!


August 02, 2014


August 14, 2014


Each workshop includes the same four
experiments that explore how science
and technology improve our lives and
keep us safe with products we use
every day: perfect for the budding
scientist, engineer, or overall curious
mind. Enrollment of up to 30 students
in each workshop is on a first-come,
first-served basis. Register at www. by July 15th. Classes are free.

9-10:30; 11-12:30; and 1 to 2:30 pm


Watch for wildlife as you improve your
paddling skills, enjoy the
companionship of other

friendly paddlers, and learn about local
history! This trip is 5 miles on the

Susquehanna River between Port
Trevorton & Mahantango Access and
includes running

McKees Half Falls. Everything is
included for just $55 per person. ($45
if you use your own

gear.) Reservations are required. Go
to for more
information. Email or phone
570-524-7692 to reserve your river
adventure. (gps

location is 40.651113,-76.926785)


August 02,  1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Port Trevorton


Canoe Susquehanna, LLC


PA, United States


$55/psn; $45.00 with your own gear


Starts the last Saturday in June and
ends the last Saturday in October.  
Open Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 7
am to 12 pm.

Honey, eggs, canned goods, bread
vendors and crafters are wanted.


August 02,  7:00 am - 12:00 pm


Next to Berwick HS Football Stadium


Berwick Area United Way


Mulberry Street, Berwick, PA, 18603,
United States


Free Attendance


Visit Downtown Danville’s Ferry Street
Growers Market for a season long
event! Local farmers, artisans and
crafters have joined together to
provide the Susquehanna Valley with
only locally grown or produced food
and farm goods are sold. Come meet
the farmer that grows your food!

WIC Farmer Market Nutrition Program
checks and Senior Farmers Market
Nutrition Program checks accepted.  
Some of the fresh produce offered:  
fruits, vegetables, herbs, cut flowers,
bedding plants, potted plants, jellies,
meats, organic foods…all produced by
local farmers.  Various special events
including live music.  Chicken Bar-B-Q,
Basket Raffles, and more!  Check the
website for detailed information.


August 02, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm


Next to Cole's


Ferry Street Growers' Market




330 Ferry Street, Danville, PA, 17821,
United States


Free Admission


“Weird Animals: Where Jesus’ Love Is
One-Of-A-Kind” is this year’s Vacation
Bible School program at Wesley
Church. God filled the world with a lot
of crazy creatures — when kids feel
weird, different, or lost in a crowd,
nothing compares to the extraordinary
love of Jesus. VBS is a fun-filled time of
learning that includes crafts, games —
and a snack every night. It’s for
children preschool age through Grade
5. All in the community are welcome.


August 03, 2014 6:00 pm


August 07, 2014 8:30 pm


Wesley United Methodist Church


Wesley United Methodist Church


Market & Third Streets, Bloomsburg,
PA, 17815-1709, United States


No Charge


Feel Better – Live Stronger – Be

Energy:  A different, more realistic
approach to attaining health and
wellness for youth ages 11-18 & their

One Week: to learn and practice
healthy habits

This Year: on-going support, just a
click, call or activity away

Your Life:  choose to be healthy &
reach your potential

To learn more and to sign up:  www.


August 03, 2014


August 08, 2014


Camp Victory


Camp Victory


58 Camp Victory Road, Millville, PA,
17846, United States



Leahy Introduces Historic Bill To Ban
NSA’s Dragnet Collection Of Americans’
Electronic Communications

July 29, 2014

2014) -- Senate Judiciary Committee
Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) on
Tuesday introduced legislation that
would restore Americans’ privacy
rights by ending the government’s
dragnet collection of phone records
and requiring greater oversight,
transparency, and accountability with
respect to domestic surveillance

The updated version of the USA
FREEDOM Act released today builds on
legislation passed in the House in May,
as well as the original legislation
Leahy introduced with Congressman
Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) last
October. The legislation bans bulk
collection under Section 215 of the
USA PATRIOT Act and other
surveillance authorities, requires the
government to narrow the scope of a
search to a clearly defined “specific
selection term,” adds needed
transparency and reporting
requirements, and provides key
reforms to the FISA Court. In an
editorial on Monday, the New York
Times wrote “the bill represents a
breakthrough in the struggle against
the growth of government surveillance

Leahy noted the legislation provides
significant reforms of surveillance
authorities, while carefully maintaining
the role of law enforcement and
intelligence agencies and their
responsibility to protect national

“If enacted, this bill would represent
the most significant reform of
government surveillance authorities
since Congress passed the USA
PATRIOT Act 13 years ago,” Leahy said
in a floor statement.  “This is an
historic opportunity, and I am grateful
that the bill has the support of the
administration, a wide range of privacy
and civil liberties groups, and the
technology industry.”

Over the last year, the Judiciary
Committee under Leahy’s leadership
has held six public hearings on the
issue of government surveillance. Also
during that time, Leahy has worked
with the Intelligence Community and a
wide range of stakeholders to craft
legislation that could garner a broad
range of support. The USA FREEDOM
Act of 2014 released today is
cosponsored by Senators Mike Lee (R-
Utah), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Dean Heller
(R-Nev.), Al Franken (D-Minn.), Ted
Cruz (R-Texas), Richard Blumenthal (D-
Conn.), Tom Udall (D-N.M.), Chris
Coons (D-Del.), Martin Heinrich (D-N.
M.), Ed Markey (D-Mass.), Mazie Hirono
(D-Hawaii), Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.),
and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.).

Leahy said that additional reforms
beyond the USA FREEDOM Act of 2014
will be needed to further protect
American’s privacy rights.

“This is a debate about Americans’
fundamental relationship with their
government – about whether our
government should have the power to
create massive databases of
information about its citizens,” Leahy
said.  “I believe strongly that we must
impose stronger limits on government
surveillance powers – and I am
confident that most Vermonters, and
most Americans, agree with me.  We
need to get this right, and we need to
get it done without further delay.”
Drinking Water:

EPA Program to Protect Underground
Sources from Injection of Fluids
Associated with Oil and Gas Production
Needs Improvement.

What GAO Found

The Environmental Protection Agency's
(EPA) role in the Underground
Injection Control (UIC) class II
program is to oversee and enforce
fluid injection into wells associated
with oil and gas production, known as
class II wells. EPA has approved 39
states to manage their own class II
programs, and EPA regions are
responsible for managing the
programs in remaining states. EPA
regions and states use a mix of
resources to manage class II
programs, including EPA grant funding,
state funding, and federal and state
personnel. EPA's UIC grant funding
has remained at about $11 million for
at least the past 10 years.

Class II programs from the eight
selected states that GAO reviewed
have safeguards, such as construction
requirements for injection wells, to
protect against contamination of
underground sources of drinking
water. Programs in two states are
managed by EPA and rely on EPA
safeguards, while the remaining six
programs are state managed and
have their own safeguards that EPA
deemed effective at preventing such
contamination. Overall, EPA and state
program officials reported that these
safeguards are protective, resulting in
few known incidents of contamination.
However, the safeguards do not
address emerging underground
injection risks, such as seismic activity
and overly high pressure in geologic
formations leading to surface
outbreaks of fluids. EPA officials said
they manage these risks on a
state-by-state basis, and some states
have additional safeguards to address
them. EPA has tasked its UIC Technical
Workgroup with reviewing induced
seismicity associated with injection
wells and possible safeguards, but it
does not plan reviews of other
emerging risks, such as high pressure
in formations. Without reviews of
these risks, class II programs may not
have the information necessary to fully
protect underground drinking water.

EPA is not consistently conducting two
key oversight and enforcement
activities for class II programs. First,
EPA does not consistently conduct
annual on-site state program
evaluations as directed in guidance
because, according to some EPA
officials, the agency does not have the
resources to do so. The agency has
not, however, evaluated its guidance,
which dates from the 1980s, to
determine which activities are
essential for effective oversight.
Without such an evaluation, EPA does
not know what oversight activities are
most effective or necessary. Second,
to enforce state class II requirements,
under current agency regulations, EPA
must approve and incorporate state
program requirements and any
changes to them into federal
regulations through a rulemaking. EPA
has not incorporated all such
requirements and changes into federal
regulations and, as a result, may not
be able to enforce all state program
requirements. Some EPA officials said
that incorporating changes into federal
regulations through the rulemaking
process is burdensome and
time-consuming. EPA has not,
however, evaluated alternatives for a
more efficient process to approve and
incorporate state program
requirements and changes into
regulations. Without incorporating
these requirements and changes into
federal regulations, EPA cannot
enforce them if a state does not take
action or requests EPA's assistance to
take action.

EPA collects a large amount of data on
each class II program, but the data
are not reliable (i.e., complete or
comparable) to report at a national
level. EPA is working on a national
database that will allow it to report
UIC results at a national level, but the
database will not be fully implemented
for at least 2 to 3 years.

Why GAO Did This Study

Every day in the United States, at
least 2 billion gallons of fluids are
injected into over 172,000 wells to
enhance oil and gas production, or to
dispose of fluids brought to the
surface during the extraction of oil and
gas resources. These wells are subject
to regulation to protect drinking water
sources under EPA's UIC class II
program and approved state class II
programs. Because much of the
population relies on underground
sources for drinking water, these wells
have raised concerns about the safety
of the nation's drinking water.

GAO was asked to review EPA's
oversight of the class II program. This
report examines (1) EPA and state
roles, responsibilities, and resources
for the program, (2) safeguards to
protect drinking water, (3) EPA
oversight and enforcement of class II
programs, and (4) the reliability of
program data for reporting. GAO
reviewed federal and state laws and
regulations. GAO interviewed EPA and
state officials and reviewed class II
programs from a nongeneralizable
sample of eight states selected on the
basis of shale oil and gas regions and
the highest number of class II wells.

What GAO Recommends

GAO recommends that, among other
things, EPA review emerging risks
related to class II program safeguards
and ensure that it can effectively
oversee and efficiently enforce class II
programs. EPA agreed with all but the
enforcement recommendation. GAO
continues to believe that EPA should
take actions to ensure it can enforce
state class II regulations, as discussed
in the report

Anime movies for teens in grades 6-
12. Features already covered include
Spirited Away, Ouran High School Host
Club, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood,
Chobits, Soul Eater, Ranma 1/2 and
Tenchi Universe. Upstairs in the
Community Room

Light refreshments available.

Start: July 31, 2014 3:30 pm
End: July 31, 2014 5:45 pm
Venue: McBride Memorial Library
Host: McBride Memorial Library
Phone: 570-752-2241

500 N. Market Street, Berwick, PA,
18603, United States        

Cost: FREE


The Animal Resource Center’s biggest
fundraiser is the annual indoor yard
sale.  Many of our customers come
often because we are always receiving
new merchandise to sell.  If you would
like to donate anything, or if you wish
to volunteer, please call Shirley.  We
can always use volunteers to help sort
and organize merchandise.  We do not
accept TV’s of any kind or any kind of
computer or monitors.  

Donated items may be dropped-off 7
days a week.  Event days open
Thursday through Sunday.  Proceeds
benefit the Animal Shelter.

Begins in June and ends Sept. 30.

Start: July 31, 2014 10:00 am
End: July 31, 2014 4:00 pm
Venue: Building Between Fromm
Electric and Cinema Center
Host: Shirley Adams

Route 11, Bloomsburg, PA, 17815,
United States        

Cost: Free Admission


Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
(June through October).  Fresh local
fruits and vegetables, fresh cut
flowers, homemade baked goods,
poultry and eggs

Start: July 31, 2014 7:30 am
End: July 31, 2014 1:00 pm
Venue: Market Square
Host: Town of Bloomsburg/Rachel Bitler

Market & Main Streets, Bloomsburg,
PA, 17815, United States        

Cost: Free to attend


Thursday, July 31 – 6 to 9 pm AND
Saturday, August 2 – 8:30 am to noon

Advance Registration Required

Course Instructors: Pennsylvania
Game Commission Officer,

Montour Preserve Staff and Volunteer

This course is designed to produce
safe, responsible and knowledgeable
hunters and trappers. It includes
instruction in basic techniques plus a
host of hunting, trapping and outdoor
skills designed to enhance a new
participant’s knowledge and
enjoyment of wildlife and our hunting
and trapping heritage.

Beginning and experienced hunters
and trappers are welcome.
Participants must be at least 11 years
of age to enroll in a course and must
attend all three sessions to qualify for
certification. Adults are encouraged to
attend with their children.

Please register early because space in
this course is limited. To register go to and find
the hunter education calendar. If you
don’t have Internet access, call 570-
437-3131 with the name, address,
birth date of participant(s) and a
contact phone number. There is a
home-study portion of the course that
must be completed before the
classroom session. You can pick up a
manual at the office at Montour

Note: Pennsylvania’s Game and
Wildlife Code requires all first-time
hunters and trappers, regardless of
age, to attend and successfully
complete this course.

Start: July 31, 2014
End: August 02, 2014
Venue: Environmental Education
Host: PPL Montour Preserve
Phone: 570-437-3131

700 Preserve Road, Danville, PA,
17821, United States        

Cost: free
Earth’s gravity scarred by earthquake

3 December 2013
ESA’s GOCE satellite has revealed that
the devastating Japanese earthquake
of 2011 left its mark in Earth’s gravity
– yet another example of this
extraordinary mission surpassing its
original scope.

GOCE mapped Earth’s gravity with
unrivalled precision for over four years,
but nobody really expected the data
to show changes over time.

Now, careful analysis shows the
effects of the 9.0 earthquake that
struck east of Japan’s Honshu Island
on 11 March 2011 are clearly visible in
GOCE’s gravity data.

Large earthquakes not only deform
Earth’s crust, but can also cause tiny
changes in local gravity.

The strength of gravity varies from
place to place on our planet’s surface
and it was GOCE’s task to map these
variations very precisely.


There are a number of reasons why
values of gravity differ, but one is a
consequence of material inside Earth
being inhomogeneous and unevenly
distributed. Since earthquakes shift
around rock and other material tens of
km below the surface, they also cause
small changes in the local gravity.

Earthquakes under oceans, as in the
2011 Japanese quake, can also
change the shape of the sea bed. This
displaces water and changes the sea
level, which in turn also affects gravity.

After more than doubling its planned
life in orbit, the satellite recently ran
out of fuel and reentered the
atmosphere, largely disintegrating in
the process. Although it is no longer in
orbit, the real mission is only just
starting because scientists will be
analysing the data for years to come
to help understand many aspects of
our world.

Information from GOCE is being used
to understand how oceans transport
huge quantities of heat around the
planet and to develop a global height
reference system, for example.

The mission has already shed new
light on different aspects of Earth –
from atmospheric density and winds,
to mapping the boundary between the
crust and upper mantle, and to
understand geodynamic processes
occurring in these layers far below our

GOCE gravity results (above)
compared to model

In a surprising discovery earlier this
year unrelated to gravity changes, the
satellite’s accelerometer and ion
thruster also revealed that GOCE had
'felt' sound waves in space from the
Japanese quake.

Recently, scientists from the German
Geodetic Research Institute, DGFI, and
from Delft University of Technology in
the Netherlands analysed the high-
resolution vertical gravity gradients
measured over Japan. They discovered
that the quake had clearly ruptured
the gravity field.

This is the first time that GOCE has
been shown to have found changes
over time. This work was carried out
through ESA’s Earth Observation
Support to Science Element.

Moreover, the gravity change
measured by GOCE differs in size and
location compared to those predicted
by standard models.

GOCE’s results are consistent with
coarser observations from the NASA–
German Grace satellite, which is
designed to measure changes over
time. This suggests that GOCE data
will be important in improving models
and will therefore contribute to our
understanding of earthquakes.

Martin Fuchs from DGFI said, "Thus, we
see that GOCE gravity gradients
complement other types of data such
as seismic, GPS and GRACE satellite

"We are now working in an
interdisciplinary team to combine
GOCE data with other information to
obtain a better picture of the actual
rupture in the gravity field than is
currently available."
Summertime Tips for Keeping Kids Safe
From Predators

GRAND RAPIDS, MI—Summer is here,
and children around the country are
spending more time online and
unsupervised. The U.S. Attorney’s
Office for the Western District of
Michigan, the FBI, and the Michigan
State Police recommend that this is
the ideal time to talk to kids about the
dangers of online predators, sex
trafficking, and other risks that arise
for kids with additional free time and
access to the Internet during the
summer months.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Miles says, “My
office puts a high priority on
aggressively prosecuting those who
produce and distribute Internet child
pornography and exploit children
sexually. Despite significant potential
federal sentences – for example, five
to 20 years in prison for receiving and
distributing child pornography –
pedophiles and child predators still
use social media and the Internet as
their primary child pornography

U.S. Attorney Miles notes that “Child
predators will find any way they can to
contact kids, gain their trust, and
exploit them. Summer poses a
particular risk because children spend
more time unsupervised. Now that
smart phones put the Internet directly
into kids’ hands, it is much harder for
parents to exert the kind of
supervision they once had over the
shared family computer or house
landline telephone.”

“The danger posed by online
predators has the potential to pose
real-life harm toward adolescent
victims,” said Paul M. Abbate, Special
Agent in Charge of the FBI Detroit
Field Office. “Those who attempt to
exploit children online often use
coercion, fear, and sometimes threats
of violence to commit these crimes. As
we enjoy the summer months, and our
children spend more time outside of
normal adult supervision, it is
important for parents to remember
that the children being victimized by
online predators don’t live in some
faraway place, outside of our everyday
lives. Unfortunately, these are far too
often our children—in our
communities—and we must remain
vigilant in our efforts to protect them
from those who would do them harm.”

Protecting Children from Online

Predators target children of every
background. One in seven children
reports receiving sexual solicitations
online. Seventy percent of those are
girls. Fifteen percent of teens ages 12-
17 who own a cell phone say they
have received sexually suggestive
nude/semi-nude images of someone
they know via text message. Four
percent of teens ages 12-17 who own
a cell phone admit to sending sexually
suggestive nude/semi-nude images to
others via text message. Parents
should monitor children’s online
activity closely, and although children
feel that their online life is private,
they need to know it is anything but
and is more permanent than they

Some predators are in positions of
trust and authority over kids, while
others are strangers. Predators meet
children on social media, chat rooms,
and Internet-based video games,
among other places. All of these
activities present opportunities for
predators to gain children’s trust and
groom them for eventual sexual
conduct. Predators sometimes use a
false identity, posing as other children
or using a fake name to develop a
friendship with a child. The predator
may even establish social media
accounts under that false identity to
provide an additional sense of
legitimacy. Predators often advance
the relationship to text message or
live video chat and encourage kids to
send sexually explicit photos or
videos. By that time, the child may
have developed a certain level of trust
in the offender that makes the child
less likely to report the activity and
more likely to keep the activity a
secret at the request of the offender.

Here are a few Internet safety tips to
discuss with your children:
◾Only “friend” and connect to people
online that you know personally and
delete those you do not know
◾Set social media security settings so
that only confirmed friends and
connections can see what you are
◾Never take a picture of yourself or
write anything by text, e-mail, or social
media that you would not want
everyone in the world to see;
◾Immediately delete and never
forward a picture of anyone doing
something sexual;
◾Choose screen names and
usernames that are appropriate;
◾Never post publicly or give anyone
your phone number, e-mail address, or
home address unless you know them
◾Be aware that anyone you meet
online may not be who they say they
are; and
◾Immediately tell a parent or trusted
adult if you find yourself in an
uncomfortable situation online, even if
you are afraid that things have
already gone too far.

Find other tips for how to talk to kids
about online predators, limits for what
to reveal online, cyberbullying, and
other Internet safety topics here:
◾Interactive age-appropriate Internet
safety games and tips for 3rd-8th
graders, created by the FBI;
◾Video workshop by the National
Center for Missing and Exploited
Children; and
◾Short videos about cyberbullying,
created by middle and high school

illicit computer use by adults and teens
at home. Some warning signs include:
◾an excessive amount of computer
use, often when others are out of the
house or sleeping;
◾multiple computers, some of which
are password protected or only used
by one person in the home;
◾peer-to-peer programs downloaded
onto the desktop including Ares,
Limewire, and others;
◾cell phone security programs that
hide a person’s photos from casual
view by others;
◾multiple e-mail addresses, including
one using false names;
◾various USB thumb drives and
external hard drives, especially if the
person hides them or is reluctant to
leave them unattended;
◾lack of desire or motivation to seek
employment or activities outside the
house or away from the computer; and
◾unfamiliar or inexplicable contacts
stored on video chat programs such as
Skype or Face Time.

U.S. Attorney Miles adds that it is
important to note that not everyone
involved in child pornography
establishes in-person relationships
with children, so families should not
rule out possible child pornography
trading just because a person does
not interact with children in daily life.
Anyone who suspects illicit computer
use should report the activity to law
enforcement for further investigation.

Protecting Children from Sex

Not all predators rely on the Internet.
Even in West Michigan, sex trafficking
and child exploitation exist.

Families, teachers, hotel workers,
convenience store employees, and
students are in the best position to
identify potential child sex trafficking
activity. While children of every
background can be lured into
prostitution, some warning signs of
child sex trafficking include:

lack of organized afterschool/summer
activities and supervision;
running away (not necessarily
recent friendship/attention between a
teenager and an older adult who may
drive the teen places or provide a
place to stay overnight;
tension and fighting at home;new
clothing, nails, and hair styles (for
girls) generally outside the financial
reach of a teen;
new cell phone not purchased by
parent/guardian; checking in at a hotel
with no luggage or sneaking into a
hotel through a side door;
drug/alcohol dependency; and
low self-esteem.

As part of the Innocence Lost Initiative
– a collaboration among the National
Center for Missing and Exploited
Children, the FBI, and the Department
of Justice – 3,100 child victims of sex
trafficking were recovered nationwide
from 2003 to 2013. The youngest was
nine years old. In a 2013 national
sting on child sex trafficking, Detroit
ranked second-highest out of 76 cities
in the number of child victims

Project Safe Childhood:

To address the growing concerns
about child sexual exploitation in the
digital age, the Department of Justice
launched Project Safe Childhood in
2006. Project Safe Childhood
expanded in 2011 to include sex
trafficking of minors, crimes against
children committed in Indian country,
and failure to register as a sex

Investigative agencies; and state,
local, tribal, and military law
enforcement officials. Approximately 70
Internet Crimes Against Children
(ICAC) Task Forces operate around
the country for federal, state, and local
law enforcement officers to collaborate
in investigating online child

Under Project Safe Childhood, the U.S.
Attorney’s Office for the Western
District of Michigan prosecutes people
who create, download, share,
possess, and view child pornography.
Federal sentences for these crimes are
steep: up to 20 years for viewing and
possessing child pornography, a
mandatory minimum of five years and
up to 20 years for downloading and
sharing child pornography, and a
mandatory minimum of 15 years and
up to 30 years for producing child
pornography. The penalties increase
for each of those charges if the
defendant has a prior sex offense

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the
Western District of Michigan also
prosecutes those who seek to exploit
children sexually by chatting online or
arranging to meet children for sexual
encounters. Federal sentences for
those crimes are significant: 10 years
to life for coercing or enticing a child
for sex, 10 years to life for causing a
child to travel out of state for sex, and
up to 30 years for traveling to another
state to have sex with a child.
Defendants who traffic minors for
prostitution face a mandatory minimum
of 10 years and up to life in prison.
Dan Pfeiffer: "House Republicans Just
Voted to Sue President Obama"

The House of Representatives just
took a vote -- and it wasn't to raise
the minimum wage, put in place equal
pay, create jobs, or reform our broken
immigration system.

Instead, the Republican-controlled
House of Representatives just voted
to sue the President for using his
executive authority. This lawsuit will
waste valuable time and potentially
millions of taxpayer dollars.

This is the least productive Congress
in decades. And instead of doing their
job, they are suing the President for
doing his.

The President is committed to making
a difference for the millions of
hardworking Americans trying to do
right by their families and communities.
While Republicans in Congress
continue to waste taxpayer money,
this President is going to keep doing
his job.

President Obama remains ready and
willing to work with Republicans in
Congress if they decide to get serious
and do something for the American
people. But he is also committed to
acting even as Congress won't. You've
seen that time and time again this
year -- from raising the federal
minimum wage on new federal
government contracts, to expanding
apprenticeship opportunities and
making student loan payments more

The President is not going to back
away from his efforts to use his
authority to solve problems and help
American families. In fact, the day after
the vote, President Obama will
announce his next executive action to
crack down on federal contractors who
put workers' safety and hard-earned
pay at risk. It's just the next in a
series of steps this Administration will
be taking this year to make sure that
American workers are getting a fair
deal, and he has pledged to take
executive action to deal with our
broken immigration system in the
months ahead.

That’s what this President is focused
on. If you want to see it continue, and
are sick and tired of stunts like the
House Republicans’ lawsuit, then say